What Are Serbian Men Like?

Serbs are Slavs, so they are Caucasian, and their hair ranges from blond to black. Their cultural characteristics depend on whether they were raised in an urban or a rural environment.

According to EveryCulture.com, while Serbian culture is predominantly male-dominated, this is less prevalent in the cities. The general culture is patriarchal with men standing as the heads of the household. Men are unlikely to take on women's work, whether it's in the home or in female-dominated fields such as teaching, public service and catering, especially in rural areas.

According to Ambassador-Serbia.com, the stereotype of the Serbian man is someone who's semi-athletic, wears designer clothes and carries his personal grooming to the level of metro-sexual. Serbs, like many Europeans, tend to dress well and enjoy watching soccer. A Serbian custom has both men and women enjoying shots of liqueur such as "slivovice," or plum brandy. Serbian men kiss three times on the cheek, not distinguishing between men and women as the recipient. Serbian men are perceived as being very attached to their mothers. Serbian men typically speak in the deep register of their voices.

Serbian men, especially those who were alive in the 1990s, are resentful of the perception that the Serbs were the main aggressors in the Yugoslav War. They generally relish the opportunity to explain their side of the story, though some even express nostalgia for the former Yugoslavia.