What Are the Security Requirements to Enter the Terminal at Chicago Airports?


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Travelers entering terminals at Chicago airports must not bring in anything from the prohibited-items list, must pack any special items according to directions and are subject to search before flying. These requirements are the same as any other U.S. airport secured by the Transportation Security Administration.

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Items are typically placed on the prohibited list because they can inflict bodily harm or damage the airplane. Anything sharp, with a blade longer than 4 inches, cannot travel in the cabin of a plane. Blunt-force objects, such as baseball bats and hockey sticks, may not be taken into the airport terminal. The same applies to anything explosive, including ammunition, starter pistols, flares or anything that causes a flame. Chemicals, such as chlorine or tear gas, may not be brought through the security check points at Chicago airports. Travelers can check the TSA website with questions about specific objects.

Travelers cannot bring liquids in jars larger than 3.4 ounces, and all liquid containers must fit into a 1-quart zip-top bag. Liquids that are necessary for medical purposes or for feeding a baby must be declared prior to passing through security, and agents may inspect the liquids before allowing them to pass through to the gate area.

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