What Is Seattle Known For?

Seattle is well known for many things, especially coffee, music and its rainy weather. The city is also home to many famous landmarks, such as Mt. Rainier, the Seattle Space Needle and Pike's Peak Marketplace, while also being home to many Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Amazon and Costco.

The reason Seattle is famous for coffee is that the city is home to the Starbucks company and is the site of the original Starbucks coffee shop, located at Pike's Peak Marketplace. In addition to Starbucks, Seattle is also home to several other major international coffee companies, such as Tully's and Seattle's Best.

When it comes to music, Seattle is usually closely associated to the grunge movement of the 1990s. It is thought that grunge originally began in the Seattle area and many of the genre's most famous bands, including Nirvana and Pearl Jam have ties to the city or Washington state. There are also other famous musicians from Seattle, most notably Jimi Hendrix and Bing Crosby. Many famous movies and television shows filmed in Seattle during the 90s, including Sleepless in Seattle and Frasier.

Along with Mt. Rainier, the city is also famous for its many other parks and green spaces.