What Is the Seating Plan on a Thomas Cook Airbus A330?

The seating plan on a Thomas Cook Airbus A330-200 (two-class) comprises seven rows of premium economy seats following a two-three-two configuration and 37 rows of economy seats that mostly follow a two-four-two pattern, set around two aisles. Variations occur in the first row of economy seating, which has just four central seats; rows 28 to 30, where crew seats and restrooms replace some passenger seating; and the five rows towards the rear of the cabin, which follow a two-three-two layout.

Thomas Cook also flies a version of the A330-200 that has all-economy seating in a two-four-two layout. In both versions of the airbus, restrooms and galleys are located at the front and rear of the cabin. A set of steps leads to additional restrooms at row 30. Economy seats have a 31-inch pitch and a 18.2-inch width, while premium seats have a 35-inch pitch and a 19.7-inch width. As of 2015, each seat has a personal entertainment system with access to a 24-channel musical library and an on-demand video catalog of classic and current films.

SeatGuru.com and SeatMaestro.com feature detailed seat plans for the A330 that use color-coding to indicate good and bad seats. The sites also offer customer feedback on individual seats and customer reviews of the overall flight experience.