What Are the Seasons Like in Spain?

seasons-like-spain Credit: CactuSoup/Vetta/Getty Images

One of the warmest countries in Europe, Spain enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. For the most part, the coastal regions remain warm and moderate. However, the weather in the interior of the country can vary dramatically, ranging from freezing cold to exceptionally hot.

According to Go Abroad.com, winters in Spain last from December to around the middle of March. During this season, most of the country is cold and dry. The interior of the country may experience an occasional snowstorm, but accumulation is rare.

Spring takes hold in March and lasts throughout May. Identified by long, warm days and cool nights, spring is a time of celebration in Spain. Similarly mild and seasonable, autumn is an ideal time to spend outdoors, but it is more likely to rain in the fall than in the spring.

Since part of the summer is pleasant and part of it is blistering hot, summer in Spain is often split into two seasons. Lasting from the end of spring to the middle of June, the temperate summer is a time of vacations and holidays in Spain. The hot season lasts from June until late August. During this time, most locals remain indoors until the evening brings cooler weather.