How Do You Search the NTSB Crash Database?


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The NTSB crash database is accessible from the National Transportation Safety Board, under the tab Investigations. The database requires different information, including a range of dates to be searched, the type of aircraft and miscellaneous event details.

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The database contains only information after 1962. This information covers civil aviation accidents and incidents inside of the United States, including territories such as Puerto Rico. Incidents in international waters are documented as well. There are a number of options available for search. A user is able to sort through monthly lists and can also download entire databases in MDB formation for all accidents within a year, beginning in 1982. They may also access the GILS record, which includes a complete listing of the accident database, sort by either “accident” or “incident.”

The FAA incident database contains information about various aviation incidents, including those that have not been investigated by the NTSB. The most user-friendly option is the general search. A user begins by inputting the time when the event began and ended, along with additional information, such as the city and state in which the incident occurred. The type of aircraft, including its build, make and model should all be included in the report. The purpose of the flight, its schedule and air carrier can all be included when trying to search the database. If the user has an NTSB accident number, they can use this for greater accuracy and to expedite their search.

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