How Do You Search Google Earth Maps?

How Do You Search Google Earth Maps?

To search Google Earth on a computer, click in the Search box under Search in the panel on the left, type in the location you want to find, and press Enter. Google Earth allows you to search for countries, states, cities and street addresses. You can also search for ZIP codes, latitudes and longitudes, or general terms such as "burritos in Los Angeles."

Once you enter a location, Google Earth zooms to that location on the map. Use Street View to view the location and travel around the neighborhood. When you finish, search for a new destination, or click the X button in the lower right corner of the Search section to close the search.

To use the Google Earth app on an iPhone, iPad or Android devices, touch the Search icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Touch the Search box, type in your desired location, and then press Search. Google Earth zooms in on the location.

Google Earth saves your recent searches. To view them, click History to view a list of folders for the places in recent searches. Click the plus sign next to a folder to open the folder, and double click any of the locations that appear. Google Earth takes you to that location.

At the end of the list of recent searches is the Clear History button. Click this button to remove saved recent searches from Google Earth.