How Do You Search for Current Flight Passenger Lists?

The contents of a current flight passenger list are generally not made available to the public to maintain the privacy of an airline's customers. However, mobile applications such as Quicket make it possible for passengers to voluntarily check-in with social media, making their profiles accessible from the app.

Quicket is a mobile travel services application available for the Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms. Some of its most popular features are social check-in and seat adviser, which allow passengers to log into their favorite social network, define their privacy settings, and see the pictures and profiles of other individuals on the plane. The app also provides a seat map and a strategy to find the best seats on an airplane.

Quicket offers other convenient features, such as the ability to purchase last minute tickets for up to three destinations a piece for the app owner and the friends they are travelling with. To streamline the process, frequent-flier program card numbers can be saved directly into the app. Users also have access to their flight search history.

After purchasing the tickets, users can managed their options, review their seating assignments and luggage rules, and check-in directly from within the app. The app also allows users to alert the airline if they have any special dietary requirements. Quicket offers around-the-clock customer service for ticket cancellations and travel arrangement changes. It also allows users to track certain flights and monitor their arrival times.