How Do You Save a Boarding Pass Online?

One of the best ways to save a boarding pass online is by using mobile boarding. Many airlines use this feature, including Southwest Airlines and American Airlines. With mobile boarding, the boarding pass is saved to an email address or viewed in a browser after being saved to a mobile device.

Mobile boarding allows flyers to have immediate access to their boarding pass with Internet access. With Southwest Airlines, the flyer is first instructed to use his mobile app or go to the mobile version of the website and check in. After that, a prompt gives the flyer the option of having the pass sent to his mobile device, email or text message. Instructions are given for saving it to a device. The flyer then presents the pass to the security personnel at security checkpoints.

American Airlines also has mobile boarding. To use it with this airline, the flyer must first check in on the website, then click Email With Mobile Option. This sends the boarding pass to the flyer's email, where he can choose how to save it online. Flyers often choose to save it directly to their mobile device so it is always available. When saving it, it is important that the entire barcode of the mobile boarding pass is visible.