Why Is Savannah, Georgia Called America's Most Haunted City?


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Savannah, Georgia is sometimes referred to as the Most Haunted City in America due to the supposed high concentration of paranormal activity and haunted sites that are reported to be present in the historic city. Many of the old buildings and cemeteries in the city are said to be the site of hauntings, and there is a thriving ghost tour business in Savannah to guide curious tourists through these supposedly haunted sites.

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Why Is Savannah, Georgia Called America's Most Haunted City?
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Some of Savannah's landmarks are said to be more haunted than others, one in particular being the Colonial Park Cemetery. Although cemeteries are often spooky for believers in the supernatural, this one is said to be a particularly potent source of paranormal activity. Founded in 1750, this cemetery is a common tourist destination for ghost hunters, and some of them even claim to have video or photographic evidence of ghosts casually roaming around in the area. Most of the other popular haunted sites in Savannah are in buildings, including restaurants or bars such as the Moon River Brewing Company and the Pirate's House and private residences that have been converted into museums, such as the Davenport House.

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