How Do You Get a Satellite View of an Address?


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A satellite view of an address can be found on many websites, including Google.com, SatelliteViews.net and Mapquest.com. Many websites that offer maps or directions include the option to view an address in satellite mode.

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How Do You Get a Satellite View of an Address?
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A satellite view through Google.com can be found by going to the Google Maps website. Type the street address in the search field, and change he view to satellite by clicking on the Earth box. The Mapquest search is conducted in the same way, except the final step is to click on the box titled Satellite. Satellite view is the default at SatelliteView.com. Go to the main page of the website, and enter the street address into the search field, then click Go.

A zoom feature is available on all three websites. To zoom in, click on the satellite map, and scroll up with the scroll wheel. Scroll down to zoom out. The dial on the screen with a + at the top and a - at the bottom can also be used to zoom in and out. Click on the + to zoom in, or click on the - to zoom back out. The circle with directional arrows can be used to navigate the view to other addresses.

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