What Is There to Do in Santa Monica?

In Santa Monica, visitors may relax at the beach and in the art galleries, and they may exercise by biking through the town and participating in outdoor fitness classes. Families may visit amusement parks, and adults may dance in a variety of Santa Monica nightclubs.

The Annenberg Community Beach House is a Santa Monica landmark that serves as a visitor's center. The Beach House offers dining, swimming and picnicking opportunities for visitors. This is also where visitors may rent beach equipment such as umbrellas and chairs.

Santa Monica offers a variety of activities including fishing, beach volleyball, surfing and biking. The South Bay Bicycle Trail spans 22 miles through Santa Monica and allows skateboarding and roller skating. Fishing here does not require a license, and equipment is often available at the Pier for rent. Surfing is generally allowed year-round, but it is important to check with the lifeguards as it becomes restricted in certain areas during the summer. Santa Monica Beach also provides a beach butler who may assist with drinks and the beach equipment.

Melrose Avenue, Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Center offer a variety of shopping centers. Visitors may also explore Santa Monica museums such as the California Heritage Museum and the Santa Monica History Museum.