What Is There to Do on the Santa Maria at Night?


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The Santa Maria is a stationary replica ship located in Columbus, Ohio, and doesn't offer visitors nighttime activities unless it's booked for a private or corporate event. However, as a museum, visitors can purchase tickets and tour the ship during regular business hours.

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The city of Columbus plans to shut down access to the Santa Maria until 2016, during which time the ship is going to receive a facelift and renovations. For instance, the deck needs to be replaced. The park where the ship is stationed is going to receive an upgrade as well, and the city plans to turn the surrounding land into green space.

The Santa Maria is a full-size replica of the flagship that carried Christopher Columbus from Europe to the New World in 1492. The original was crafted in Spain as a merchant vessel. At only around 58 feet long, the vessel wasn't designed to sail to new lands and sank in Haiti. Columbus referred to the ship as La Capitana, because it was the leader and largest of the three-vessel team, and ended up saving some of the timbers to build a fort. The replica was built in 1992 as a 500-year commemoration of the original.

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