What Are Some Facts About San Miguel, El Salvador?


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San Miguel in El Salvador is the home of the Chaparrastique Volcano, an active volcano that erupted in 2013 after 37 years of silence. The Ruinas de Quelepa are also located in the area, archaeological remains that date back to the second century A.D.

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San Miguel is an El Salvadoran city located in the east of the country. It was established in the 1500s, although it didn't become a city until 1586. The Ruinas de Quelepa predate the city, looking like innocuous grassy mounds. Experts believe they are ceremonial platforms and possibly remnants of the Lenca people who lived in the area between the second and seventh centuries. Stone sculptures in display at a museum have been found in the area.

The Volcano Chaparrastique is a 7,000-foot volcano that visitors can hike up, although the trip takes about nine hours. Those who reach the summit can get a bird's-eye view of the surrounding farmland on one side and the volcano's massive crater on the other. Agriculture and farming are an important aspect of the city.

The city also boasts other historic buildings such as the 1904 Capilla Medalla Milagrosa nunnery and the Catedral Nuestra Señora de la paz, a cathedral that was built in the 1700s.

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