How Do You Find the Sailing Schedule of a Particular Vessel?

You can find the sailing time of a commercial vessel by visiting the website of a port through which the ship sails. For the sailing times of passenger vessels, you can visit the site of the company that owns the vessels, or, in the case of ferries, the state transportation department.

For example, the WSDOT site in Washington State has a full ferry sailing schedule covering 20 locations. It lists the best travel times as well as prices. It also includes ferry cams and travel alerts to keep passengers abreast of wait times and possible delays.

In the case of a private vessel company, such as the Victoria Clipper, sailing schedules are more strict and feature a smaller set of departure and arrival times. Reservations are usually required for this type of vessel and sailing.

Port sites for commercial vessels, such as that of the Northwest Seaport Alliance, list the name of the vessel and its harbor and terminal, as well as estimated times of arrival and departure. The site enables you to search for a particular vessel in a certain time frame. Clicking on a vessel name provides more detailed information, such as the agent and size of the vessel.