What Are Some Safe Driving Tips?


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Perhaps the single most important driving safety tip is to not drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Other tips include driving free from distraction, getting enough sleep before driving, and making proper preparations.

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Even a small amount of alcohol can make a person sleepy or drowsy, and small amounts of other drugs can have adverse effects on alertness and reaction time. Sleepiness, whether from drugs or lack of sleep, is very dangerous, as it can result in lack of attention. It is important to stay fresh while driving long distances, so drivers should stop for a break to have a snack, use the restroom, and stretch their legs every few hours, even if they do not feel tired.

Distractions can also be very dangerous while driving, and it is important to avoid them. Cell phones are particularly dangerous, especially text messaging and Internet use on smartphones. Children and pets should be restrained while the car is in motion, so they are unable to distract the driver through physical contact or loud commotion.

Finally, drivers should obey all posted laws, especially speed limits. By not speeding, maintaining ample distance from other cars and using indicators for all turns and lane changes, drivers can minimize their chances of a collision with another car.

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