What's a Good Way to Locate Oceanfront Rental Homes?


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To locate an oceanfront rental home, visit an online listing site, such as BeachHouse.com or CoastalLiving.com. Many popular beach locations have dedicated rental listing sites as well, such as OceanfrontVac.com for Myrtle Beach in South Carolina or CarolinaDesigns.com for Outer Banks in North Carolina.

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BeachHouse.com provides featured listings with thumbnails so you can quickly locate popular properties. You can also browse by state location using the interactive map or use the search field to locate properties at specific locations. If you know the ad’s identification number, enter it in the search field to directly access the listing. In addition to listings in the United States, you can browse rental properties in popular international locales, such as the Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Australia. The site also provides listings by category, such as pet-friendly rentals, rentals ideal for couples and family-friendly properties.

Coastal Living takes a more editorial and less comprehensive approach to rental properties and provides readers in-depth reviews and recommendations of rental properties. Articles by Coastal Living include interviews with property owners, detailed descriptions of the properties and their amenities, and information about the surrounding areas. Browse the site’s recommendations by region, or view all rental property features in a single listing.

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