What's a Good Way to Access Detailed Maps of Specific States?

A good way to access detailed maps of specific maps is to go to the United States Geological Survey website and choose the specific state of interest to view a list of detailed maps, notes USGS.gov. Members of the American Automobile Association can also obtain detailed road maps for specific states from their local AAA office.

To obtain a detailed map of a specific state, use the steps below.

  1. Go to the USGS website
  2. Go to USGS.gov and click on Maps, Imagery and Publications in the upper left of the page. Click on Maps and then click the Download or Buy Maps link to get to the store.

  3. Choose a state
  4. Click on Maps and then State Maps to view a map of the United States. Click on the desired state in either the map or in the left-hand menu to view a list of available maps for that state.

  5. Choose a map
  6. Click on a specific map to view information about the map. Download the map as a file to the computer or purchase a paper copy.

  7. Obtain the map
  8. To download the map, click on the thumbnail and then choose Download. To purchase a paper copy, click on Add to Basket and follow the instructions to purchase.