What Are Some RV Campgrounds in Georgia?

Some RV campgrounds in the state of Georgia are Black Rock Mountain State Park, Crooked River State Park, Vogel State Park and General Coffee State Park. Georgia also has some free campgrounds for RVs.

Black Rock Mountain State Park is located in Mountain City, Georgia. There are 44 campsites, one pioneer camp, two picnic shelters and 10 cottages. The park gladly accepts RV parking at any of the campsites. In St. Mary's, Georgia is the Crooked River State Park. As another RV campground park, it offers 62 campsites, 11 cottages, five picnic shelters, one group shelter and one pioneer camp.

General Coffee State Park is in Douglas, Georgia. There are 50 RV camp sites available, as well as a corn crib, tobacco barn, log cabins and barnyard animals to see. In Blairsville, Georgia is the Vogel State Park, one of the largest RV campgrounds in Georgia. There are more than 100 RV camp sites in the park, along with beautiful scenery and adventurous hiking trails.

Free campgrounds include the Chattahoochee National Forest in Chatsworth and the Oconee National Forest in Eatonton. While the entire area is not camp-friendly, there are clearly marked designated spots for RV camping. Standard campsites are also available.