Where Is Russia Located on a World Map?


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Russia is in the northern hemisphere in Eurasia's northern region. Some of its bordering neighbors are North Korea, China, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Mongolia. Russia is the world's largest nation.

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This vast country includes sections of eastern Europe and northern parts of Asia. Russia also has coasts with the Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific Oceans. Similarly, the Baltic Sea is in the western region of Russia, while the Black Sea is in the southern part. In terms of size, Russia is 1.8 times bigger than the United States.

Because Russia has a land area of 6.59 million sq mi, it has different terrains and geographic zones. For example, the different terrains include steppes, forests, mountain and tundra regions. Some important mountains in Russia are the Ural, Caucasus and Kolyma Mountains. The Volga, which is Europe's longest river, also flows through Russia.

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