What Are the Rules of the New York MTA?

The New York MTA has a long list of rules covering subjects such as payment of fares, disorderly conduct, dangerous items and restricted areas. The Transit Adjudication Bureau has a full list of rules posted online at the New York MTA website.

The New York City Transit Authority is authorized to make rules governing the conduct and safety of the public in the use of its facilities and services under sections 1203-a(3) and 1204(5-a) of the Public Authorities Law.

The MTA's rules received national attention in mid-2015 when there were reports that transit authorities were arresting male passengers for "manspreading," or taking up more than one seat by spreading their legs. The rules of conduct state that passengers may not take up extra seats when doing so would interfere with the train's operation or the comfort of other passengers. The two men who were reportedly arrested for manspreading may have had active warrants for other offenses. A 2012 piece in the New York Times reported on other individuals who had been arrested by transit police for putting their feet up on other seats, however. These offenses are generally met with either a warning or a $50 ticket, but transit police appear to have the option to make an arrest at their discretion.