What Road Signs Are There in North Carolina?

Traffic signs in North Carolina are divided into three types: regulatory, warning and informational. The shape and color of signs are intended to make it fairly easy for drivers to quickly discern the various types of signs. Regulatory signs are usually either black and white or red and white and are rectangular or square. Warning signs are frequently diamond-shaped and black on yellow. Informational signs give directions, routes and distances.

Typically posted six to 50 feet from an intersection, the octagonal stop sign mandates that drivers come to a complete stop before proceeding. If a line is visible, drivers should stop at that line; if no line is visible, drivers must stop before entering the intersection. The triangular red and white yield sign indicates that drivers must slow down and let the drivers with the right of way proceed before moving ahead. Other regulatory signs include "No U-Turns," "Keep Right Except to Pass," handicap parking and "No Right Turns."

Located on the left side of the road and pointing to the start of a no-passing zone, yellow, pennant-shaped signs emphasize the regulatory "Do Not Pass" signs. Other warning signs caution drivers about railroads, an upcoming stop, bicycles and a winding road.

Informational signs are rectangular and green, blue or brown. Some of them indicate route markers for highways, hospitals and state parks.