What Are Some River Boat Cruises Offered by Vantage?

As of 2015, some river boat cruises offered by Vantage Travel include the Douro River in Portugal, Seine River in Paris and Rhine River in Germany. Cruises can range from 10 days to 26 days and can travel through several countries.

The Douro River Wine Country tour is a 10-day cruise that includes 3 days in Lisbon, Portugal. From there, the cruise travels the Douro River and includes tours such as visiting the wine caves of Oporto.

The Seine River cruise is 11 days and includes stops in Paris and throughout Normandy. It is one of the few river cruises to visit Honfleur, as of 2015.

Travelers can also choose the 26-day Grand European River cruise, which travels the Rhine river through seven different countries, with stops in 20 cities.