What Are Some Rides at the Muskegon Amusement Park?


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Rides at Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon include Shivering Timbers, Corkscrew, RipCord and Grand Rapids. Other rides at Michigan's Adventure include Wolverine Wildcat, Thunderhawk, Sea Dragon and Adventure Falls.

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Considered the signature attraction at Michigan's Adventure, Shivering Timbers is a popular wooden rollercoaster. It has been voted as one of the top 10 wooden rollercoasters in the world by Amusement Today. The rollercoaster is notable for its trick track, in which the track banks to the left and the right on an otherwise straight section. Corkscrew is a steel rollercoaster with two inversions. It was built in 1979, and is the oldest functioning rollercoaster in the park as of 2015. RipCord is a Skycoaster-style ride that takes riders into the air before dropping them into a simulation of flying via a pendulum motion. Grand Rapids is a river rapids ride.

Wolverine Wildcat is a wooden rollercoaster that was built in 1988. The ride begins with a dark tunnel before reaching the lift hill. Thunderhawk is a steel-inverted rollercoaster that uses loops and barrel rolls. Sea Dragon is a swinging ship ride. Adventure Falls is a water flume ride that features a lift hill followed by a meandering river and a final steep drop.

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