What Are the Reviews of Silverleaf Resorts?


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A majority of the reviews for Silverleaf Resorts are negative, but there are positive and mixed reviews as well. Some reviews state that Silverleaf Resorts have friendly environments, are situated in prime locations and have efficient services, whereas other reviews complain of high charges and long waiting hours.

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Several reviews state that buying a vacation plan from Silverleaf Resorts is very expensive and that the resorts charge maintenance fees. Other reviews complain of poor customer service and a lack of equity when buying vacation plans. There are also complaints that the entrance side of the resort is poorly constructed and unwelcoming.

One review on Yelp.com complains of loud noise in the intake room, which makes conversation difficult. However, some reviews mention that Silverleaf Resorts are situated in prime locations that are easily accessible.

Several reviewers state that they had positive experiences when dealing with the managers and that employees were very friendly. Other reviewers state that the Resort offers high-quality services and facilities and that the employees are self-motivated and goal-oriented. Some reviewers mention that Silverleaf Resorts offer cheap bonus time per night if outside the normal week. Other reviewers mention that these resorts offer a wide variety of activities suitable for all ages.

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