What Retirement Communities Are Located in Panama?

What Retirement Communities Are Located in Panama?

Some retirement communities located in Panama are Coronado, El Cangrejo, Pedasi and Las Tablas. These are high-rated retirement communities offering many different amenities and activities.

El Cangrejo is located in the downtown area of Panama City. It is a popular choice among retirees who still want to maintain active lifestyles. It includes shopping, casinos, nightclubs and restaurants. There are also quiet areas for walking and yoga, in addition to organizations offering indoor activities such games, crafts and computer classes. Most attractions are within walking distance from the living area of the community.

Coronado is a retirement community right on the beach. It is one of the largest retirement areas of Panama, offering sandy beaches, oceanfront restaurants and condominiums specifically for retirees.

Pedasi is another great option, providing a small beach town for people who have retired.

Las Tablas is a popular place for people who want to retire in Panama City. It is a safe and friendly area near the beach. There are senior communities within the larger community. It is excellent for people who want to live by the beach during retirement but are also on a tight budget.

Some other popular areas of Panama for retirees are Boquete and Santa Fe.