Which Retailers Accept an EZPass?

Which Retailers Accept an EZPass?

An E-ZPass is not accepted by any retail stores, as of 2015. An E-ZPass is a transponder that links to a user account and automatically debits toll payments when the user drives through a toll plaza.

The E-ZPass network currently spans 15 states on the East Coast and in the Midwest. Drivers can enroll in the E-ZPass program online, by mail or in person. Fees, minimum deposits and enrollment rules vary by state, but all E-ZPass users can use their E-ZPasses to pay tolls in all of the participating states.

E-ZPass holders can use the pass to pay for parking at a few locations, including the Westwood Amtrak station in Westwood, Massachusetts and Pittsburgh International Airport.

Electronic tolling systems like E-ZPass speed up the toll payment process. Users normally do not need to stop at a toll plaza to pay tolls with an EZ-Pass. Toll rates for E-ZPass users are often significantly lower than rates for drivers without a pass. The E-ZPass system is 99.9 percent accurate at correctly identifying vehicles and charging accounts, according to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

A single household can add multiple vehicles to its E-ZPass account, although the state may require them to have a transponder for each vehicle on the account.