What Are the Restrictions for Baggage on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines baggage restrictions allow passengers to board with one carry-on item that is no bigger than 22 inches wide, 14 inches high and 9 inches deep. Delta allows two checked items per passenger. The first checked item must be no heavier than 70 pounds and the second no heavier than 50 pounds. Neither item may have a combined height, width and depth of more than 62 inches.

Additional carry-on restrictions include fireworks, explosives, household cleaning solutions, weapons and flammable liquids, though each passenger may carry on one lighter or standard book of matches. Delta allows personal care items such as hairsprays, shampoos or eye solution only if each container is less than 16 ounces and the total ounces of personal care items does not exceed 70 ounces.

Delta charges fees to passengers sitting in the main cabin for checked baggage on national and international flights except those to Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and southeastern Asia countries such as China, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. Additionally, Delta does not charge a baggage fee for the first checked item on flights from the United States and Canada to Europe, North Africa and Israel. Delta assess no fees for checked baggage to passengers sitting in first or business class.