What Are the Requirements to Get a U.S. Passport?


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The requirements for obtaining a U.S. passport include proof of citizenship, identification documents and a passport photo measuring 2 by 2 inches. The applicant must submit the filled in DS-11 form in person at a passport agency along with the applicable fees.

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What Are the Requirements to Get a U.S. Passport?
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Proof of citizenship documents include the original Certificate of Birth, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, previously issued undamaged U.S. passports and original certificates of naturalization or citizenship. The birth certificate should be issued by the state, city or county of birth, must contain the applicant's and his parents' full names and should bear the signature and embossed seal of the registrar and the date of filing at the registrar's office.

Identification documents required include old U.S. passport, certificates of citizenship or naturalization and valid driver's license, government or military ID. A photocopy of all these documents must be submitted. Individuals who can't produce enough primary identification may have secondary options, such as an identifying witness or Social Security card. The passport photo must be recently taken, colored, printed on glossy or matte paper of photo quality and should offer a full view of the face.

The DS-11 form is on the website of US Passports & International Travel, and applicants must submit it in person at an authorized passport agency.

There are special passport requirements for minors under the age of 16 years, diplomats, officials and no-fee passport holders and those applying from outside the country, the details of which appear on the website of the US Passports & International Travel.

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