What Are the Requirements to Rent a Car?

The requirements to rent a car vary among rental car companies, but the general stipulations include the possession of a major credit card in the driver's name, a valid driver's license and active auto insurance. The standard age requirement is 25 years old, although drivers 18 to 24 may incur additional fees and stipulations in order to obtain a rental.

Car rental agencies also require deposits to cover the cost of damage, refueling charges or unpaid balances that result upon the return of said rentals.

In the event that a prospective renter does not have a major credit card, other payment qualification steps must be met. Some rental car agencies accept payments in the form of money orders, debit cards or cash. Additional documentation may include proof of employment and income, a current utility bill, proof of address and proof of return flight when renting from an airport location. Rental car companies often run credit checks for customers wishing to use one of these alternative payment options.

If a customer does not have auto insurance, car rental companies routinely offer supplementary insurance that covers damage to the rental vehicle and personal injury. The insurance offered is often times optional, but the customer is responsible for any damage that ensues if he chooses to opt out of the offered coverage.