What Are the Requirements to Obtain a Cambodian Visa?

To obtain a tourist or business visa for Cambodia, submit the completed visa application form, one color or black and white passport photo, an original passport with at least six months validity, and pay the visa fee, as of 2015. People can apply for Cambodian visas upon arrival to the country or in-person at a Cambodian consulate or embassy.

Citizens of most countries may also apply for visas online (known as an e-visa) or by mail. When applying by mail, include a self-addressed prepaid envelope along with the application and other required documentation.

There are nine countries whose citizens are required to submit additional documents to obtain visas for Cambodia, unless the individual is employed by a recognized international organization such as the United Nations, International Monetary Fund or the World Bank. This includes citizens with passports from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Algeria. For citizens of these countries, as well as those holding passports from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia and Sudan, it is necessary to submit a letter of sponsorship from a local school, nongovernmental organization or company. Citizens from these countries must also show their return air tickets to and from Cambodia when applying for their visas.