What Are the Requirements for Hertz International Car Rentals?

What Are the Requirements for Hertz International Car Rentals?

A customer must meet the renting location’s minimum age requirement, possess a valid driver’s license and use an acceptable method of payment to rent a car from Hertz. The minimum age and payment requirements differ by location and customers can check these requirements at the Hertz website.

Click Help Me Find A Location on the home page, and enter the city or airport name to bring up a list of nearby rental locations. Choose a location, and select Qualifications and Requirements from the More Location Details page to view the rental requirements for that location.

The Qualifications and Requirements page has a drop-down menu that lists the requirements. Select Age Restrictions and Exceptions from this menu to view the minimum age a customer must be to rent a car. This page also displays the minimum age at which a customer can pay a driver surcharge and rent a car.

The Driver’s License topic on the drop-down menu contains information about the requirements licenses issued in another country must fulfill in order to be accepted at the specified rental location.

The Forms of Payment page details the types of credit and debit cards customers can use to make payments. This page also lists the conditions under which cash payments are acceptable.