What Are Some Reputable Airlines?

As of 2015, reputable include JetBlue, Southwest, Virgin American and Alaska. While they aren’t the most luxurious, these airlines all win praise for their cost, comfort, customer service and convenience.

JetBlue takes home top honors as the best overall budget airline, mainly for its inexpensive amenities and spacious cabins. JetBlue charges far less than comparable airlines to check bags, and its planes all offer free Wi-Fi service, albeit at slow speeds. The airline’s seats are also wider than any other competitor’s, making JetBlue the most comfortable value airline around.

Southwest wins praise for its stellar customer service. Some of the airline’s accommodating flight features include no charges for up to two checked bags and the ability to change the date or time of a flight for free. Southwest also offers a unique, no assigned seat boarding process, in which passengers line up by alphabetical and numerical groupings.

Virgin America ranks as one of the friendliest airlines, with excellent customer service and skilled flight attendants. Passengers also praise its stylish cabin design and advanced in-flight technology.

Alaskan Airlines wins acclaim for its useful frequent flier mileage program, which is more generous than most competing airlines. Alaska has partnerships with Air France, British Airways and Delta, allowing customers to redeem points for international flights.