How Do You Rent a Mini Cooper?


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To rent a Mini Cooper, locate a car rental company that includes Mini Coopers in its rental fleet, such as Sixt Car Rental, Hire Luxury Car or Midway Car Rental, and contact the company online or by telephone to check availability and get a quote. You need to supply pickup and drop-off locations and dates, and driver information. You must hold a state-issued driver's license and usually need an active credit card in the name on your license.

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Car rental companies use your credit card details for insurance purposes and may turn you away if you do not have an active credit card in your name. The companies also offer optional auto insurance which you should take if your own policy does not cover you to drive rental cars. Contact the rental company to check for any additional documents you need to produce or regulations that might apply to your rental. Some companies impose a higher minimum driving age for a Mini Cooper rental. Hire Luxury Car, for example, requires a minimum driver's age of 27.

Before signing the rental agreement, check the policy for additional items such as fees for secondary drivers and charges for exceeding a mileage limit or for trips that go outside the state.

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