How Do You Rent an 18-Passenger Bus?

To rent an 18-passenger bus, such as a passenger van or mini-bus, search the websites of notable car rental companies, and then compare prices from different car rental companies, such as US Coachways and BusBank. Request quotes from each company, and after making a decision, pay a deposit to secure your vehicle. The exact method for renting an 18-passenger bus depends on the rental company's procedures.

Book an early reservation to secure the vehicle you want. Verify the cost of the vehicle rental including insurance costs, and read the car rental company's terms and conditions. Part of BusBank's terms and conditions is that renters of the vehicle must pay a deposit. When renting a bus through BusBank, submit a request for a quote via phone or online, and then sign your reservation confirmation before paying the deposit.

Find out how much storage space the bus has for luggage and if the bus has air conditioning. Determine if there are any mileage or age restrictions because some rental companies require drivers to be at least 25 years old. If you are renting a self-drive vehicle, find out if the driver requires a commercial driver's license. Transportation drivers operating a motor vehicle with 16 passengers or more in the United States have to hold a Class C Commercial Driver's License.