How Do You Renew Your Polish Passport?

Apply in person at the embassy for the Republic of Poland or one of the Polish consulate general offices to renew your Polish passport from within the United States. The Polish embassy is located in Washington, D.C., and the consulate general offices are located in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

In 2006, Poland passed the Polish Passport Act, which stipulates in-person renewal applications with fingerprint scans. Addresses and contact information for the Embassy and Consulate General offices are available on the Polish embassy, Click on Poland’s consulates to obtain a list of consulates, consulate generals and honorary consulates. Honorary consulate offices cannot handle biometric passport renewals.

Required documents include your most recent Polish passport, Polish national identification number, birth and marriage certificate, one passport photo and the passport fee. As of 2015, the fee is $119 for a biometric passport, which is valid for 10 years. Only money orders and cashier’s checks are accepted. Students under 26, veterans and pensioners with appropriate documentation can obtain reduced fees. People over 70 years old get passport fees waived.

Biometric passports take six to eight weeks to process. Obtain a temporary passport, valid for one year, to use while waiting for permanent passport.