What Is a Reliable Distance Calculator?

What Is a Reliable Distance Calculator?

TimeAndDate.com is a reliable distance calculator. This online tool provides comprehensive results about two locations, including the longitude, latitude, time and maps in addition to the distance between them.

To calculate the distance between two locations on TimeAndDate.com, go to the top menu of the homepage, and then click the Calculators button. On the drop-down menu, click the Distance Calculator option.

On the new page, go to From Location, and then click anywhere in the search box to open a list of countries and cities to choose from. Choose one location from the provided list. Repeat the same procedure in the search box located under To Location, and then click the Calculate Distance button.

The new page shows the distance between the two locations provided by the site visitor in kilometers, miles and nautical miles. A map should also appear on the page showing the shortest path to take when travelling to the provided destination. Below the map, the site visitor can also view additional details such as the longitudes and latitudes of the two locations as well as the time difference.

Other similar websites include FreeMapTools.com and DistanceFromTo.net. However, TimeAndDate.com is suitable for people who want to view additional details about the two locations.