What Regions Does a Complete Map of Russia Include?


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As of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2014, the Russian Federation consists of 85 federal subjects, a category which includes republics, krais, oblasts, federal cities, autonomous oblasts and autonomous okrugs. These federal subjects are grouped into nine federal districts and 12 economic regions. With respect to the armed forces, Russia is divided into four military districts, each of which operates under the command of the district headquarters and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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Russia also has fairly well-defined geographical regions, but these are not politically defined and thus are approximated by geographers and cartographers. Russia's central region is the heart of the Federation and includes Moscow, the country's political capital and main population center. Russia's southern and northern Caucasian regions include several autonomous states and entities, including the Republic of Chechnya. The country's northwestern region includes the city of St. Petersburg and borders the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

Russia's other geographical regions are sparsely populated and located in the eastern section of the country. The Urals region is mountainous and resource-rich, and the Volga region is characterized by smaller villages and a smattering of semi-independent republics. The Siberia region and the far eastern region are among the least populated territories in the world.

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