How Do You Redeem Marriott Rewards?

redeem-marriott-rewards Credit: George Rose/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Redeem Marriott Rewards points online at or apply them to billed fees and services upon checkout from participating hotels. Exchange points for free hotel stays or upgrades, shopping or travel services.

As of 2015, access Marriott rewards online by logging in at the top of the homepage using a valid email address or rewards number and password. Scroll down, and select the "Use Points" link under the "Marriott Rewards" heading.

Choose "Hotels" to redeem points for free nights or upgrades; "Shopping" to browse a catalog featuring hundreds of items, including electronics, jewelry, gift cards, home goods and sporting equipment; or "Travel & Unwind" to explore travel services and vacation packages, such as cruises, discounted train fares and airline tickets, and rental cars.

Marriott Rewards members can also take advantage of instant point redemption at any participating Marriott. Points may be applied to any service that would otherwise be billed to the room, including room service, food and beverages, and spa and golf services. Members must present their Rewards numbers, and members can only apply points to their own rooms or rooms that were booked under their member numbers.

Contact Marriott customer service by phone at 801-468-4000 for problems or concerns related to redeeming points or use points to make reservations by phone by dialing 888-236-2427.