How Do You Redeem Aeroplan Miles to Book Flights?

How Do You Redeem Aeroplan Miles to Book Flights?

Redeeming Aeroplan Miles to book flights involves choosing a destination, determining what flights are covered by the available number of miles, logging into a person's Aeroplan account, redeeming miles and booking the flight. Aeroplan Miles is a loyalty program in Canada where customers can earn miles when using any of the more than 150 businesses associated with the program. The miles can then be redeemed for flights on Air Canada or its 27 Star Alliance airline partners.

A few steps are involved to redeem Aeroplan Miles to book flights:

  1. Determine where and when you want to fly
  2. Aeroplan Miles can be used on flights to over 1,300 locations throughout the world, as of April 2015.

  3. Determine which flights are covered by your number of miles
  4. The number of Aeroplan Miles needed depends on the flight class and destination. For example, customers who are flying from Canada to Hawaii can book an economy class ticket by redeeming 45,000 miles, but need 110,000 miles for a first class ticket. Aeroplan provides a reward chart on their website so customers can easily determine which flights they can book using miles.

  5. Log in to your account with Aeroplan
  6. Customers need an Aeroplan account to book online using their miles. Sign up at

  7. Choose flights
  8. Choose the class that matches your reward amount and times you want to fly.

  9. Redeem miles and book the flight
  10. Check your confirmation to ensure that the flight information is correct. Aeroplan Miles can also be used for other services, such as car rentals and hotels.