How Do You Find a Reception Hall in Baltimore?


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Yellow Pages is one place to look for reception halls in Baltimore, MD. There are also several websites specifically designed to help locate reception halls and venues.

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Yellow Pages allows people to search for banquet facilities by date, as well as by the size of the party. The results can then be viewed on a map as well as in a list with links to the venue's website or directions to the venue.

Baltimore's tourism website, Visit Baltimore, has a tab that is just for locating banquet facilities. Results can be narrowed by neighborhood, or whether it is near a local landmark. Results are listed with a picture of the venue as well as a link to the venue's website and phone number.Users can obtain directions for car, train or bus transportation. Venue's are also given a profile, allowing searchers to see amenities offered by the venue.

Punchbowl.com is a conversation style website with listings of venues and a write up about the venue. The only search option is by location, with the option to limit how far from that location the results will show. Some of the write-ups have links to the company's website or directions, but not all.

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