How Do You Read a Train Timetable?

To read and understand a train timetable, first locate the time that you wish to depart from the station. Then, locate the city of arrival on the left side of the train schedule. Mark the departure time, and then move your finger or eyes down the column until the departure time meets with the arrival city, which yields your arrival time.

Train timetables typically place the possible departure times in the top row of the table. Make sure to check the timetable legend for peak hours, fares, holiday information and wheelchair accessible stops. Shaded areas on the timetable typically indicate what the peak hours are, and fares usually increase during morning and evening peak hours.

When using a train timetable, always make sure to double-check the days that you are traveling to find the correct day and time of travel. Before boarding the train, read the direction that the train is traveling in written on the train or on the train platform, and double-check that it is the direction in which you wish to travel. Keep in mind that train timetable formats may vary by country, but the basic process of matching departure times with your destination helps with reading any train timetable.