How Do You Read a City and Parish Map of Louisiana?


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To read a Louisiana city and parish map, first you have to find your parish and then the city. Parishes in Louisiana are the equivalents of counties in other parts of the nation. Typically, it's easier to use a map that has parishes marked, such as the Louisiana County Map on MapsOfWorld.com. This map highlights all 64 parishes and marks the largest city in each one. It also lists the parishes alphabetically with population counts and the land area.

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For more detailed information, type in a parish on Google Maps or another map search service. For example, if you want information on the city of New Orleans, the parish map notes that the parish name is Orleans Parish. Type that in, along with Louisiana if needed, and it pulls up the parish, which is outlined. You may need to zoom in for more details. The same goes for East Baron Rouge Parish, another large population center that's also home to the state capital of Baton Rouge.

Some of Louisiana's more rural parishes, particularly those with territory jutting into the Gulf of Mexico, have unusual borders. A good example is Plaquemines Parish. It follows the Mississippi River as it winds its way toward the gulf. On a Google Map, you need to zoom in quite a bit to see the small towns and numerous bays that make up the parish. The largest city is Pointe a la Hache, fronting the Mississippi River.

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