How Do You Read an Air Canada Seating Chart?

How Do You Read an Air Canada Seating Chart? and advisory travel sites such as contain seating charts for Air Canada. Plans include color-coded illustrations to show the different type of seat or pod available in each section along with seat and row numbers.'s magnification tool appears when the cursor hovers above the plan.'s plans show emergency exits as red arrows, and galleys, toilets and baby-changing facilities are indicated by visual icons. Interior Specifications details additional information about cabin facilities. Find the plans by clicking on Information & Services on Air Canada's home page and navigating to Our fleet under The Air Canada Experience. Click on the name of the aircraft to view its seating plan. Alternatively, the seat plan appears during the online booking process, showing seats available for selection on the chosen flight. provides detailed keys to seat plans, and advice on seat selection. Select Air Canada on the home page and choose from the list of aircraft, or search by flight number.