What is Radhasoami?


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Radhasoami is a spiritual movement that originated in India in 1861. Those who practice Radhasoami consider it the true way to attain what they describe as "God realization" -- acknowledgement that God is within everyone, and everyone is an expression of his love.

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The word "Radhasoami" means Lord of the Soul and is a combination of two words: "radha," meaning soul or spiritual essence, and "soami," meaning spiritual master. Radhasoami emphasizes the use of listening to an inner sound accessed by mantra combined with personal loyalty to a given living master to attain spiritual advancement. The movement was founded by Shiv Dayal Singh.

Successfully practicing Radhasoami requires a meditation practice known as surat shabd yoga, the guidance of a spiritual teacher, a lacto-vegetarian diet, abstaining from drugs and alcohol and maintaining a pure and moral lifestyle.

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