How Does a QuikTrip Gas Card Work?

QuikTrip Fleetmaster cards allow businesses to manage the fuel allowances and driving mileage for a fleet of vehicles. The QuikTrip Pumpstart card allows customers to activate the pump and start fueling their vehicles without pre-payment.

QuikTrip Fleetmaster cards allow business managers to limit and access the transactions of their fleet drivers. Each vehicle in the fleet receives a separate, individually programmed Fleetmaster card. Each card can limit transactions to cover fuel costs alone, a specific number of daily transactions, or a specific dollar value for daily transactions. Fleetmaster cards can also limit purchases to certain days of the week or times of day.

QuikTrip Fleetmaster cards assign a unique identification number to each driver of the fleet. The card records the driver's ID number and the vehicle's odometer upon refueling. Managers can access monthly reports of transactions for each vehicle of the fleet, including driver's name, date and time and location of the transaction, the vehicle's miles per gallon, and the number of gallons purchased.

QuikTrip Pumpstart cards allow cash-paying customers to share the convenience of customers paying with credit and debit cards. Individuals must present a valid driver's license to the counter of any QuikTrip location to obtain a Pumpstart card.