What Are Some Quick Mileage Calculators for Travel Between Cities?

RandMcNally.com and Driving-Distances.com offer quick mileage calculators for travel between cities. DistanceCalculator.GlobeFeed.com calculates the distance between two cities in straight line or air distance and in nautical miles, as well as the driving distance.

These sites also offer estimated trip time and driving directions along with a road map highlighting the route. To use Rand McNally's mileage calculator, enter the two cities in the search box and click Get Mileage. The mileage and trip time appear on the screen along with a link to Get Directions For This Route. The Distance Calculator on GlobeFeed.com uses a similar search box. Enter the cities and click Get Distance & Directions to view the travel distances, estimated driving time and a Google Map highlighting the route. Driving-Distances' calculator also displays a Google Map and shows the route and travel distance by road and air.