What Are Some of Quebec’s Major Exports and Imports?

Manufactured goods accounted for more than 93 percent of Quebec’s exports in 2012 and also represented 77 percent of its imports. The Canadian province’s highest-valued exports in 2012 were aircraft and aircraft components. Quebec’s highest-valued imports in 2012 were energy-related, consisting mostly of crude and refined oil.

Based on the 2012 figures, Quebec had a trade surplus with the rest of the world in the areas of transportation equipment, forest products, food and agriculture. In all other product categories the province had a trade deficit. The United States is Quebec’s largest export destination and received almost 70 percent of the province’s exports in 2012. The U.S. is also the most significant source of Quebec’s imports.

The mining industry accounts for about 6 percent of Quebec’s GDP. There are more than 150 exploration companies, 15 processing plants and about 30 mines. Iron, copper, zinc and gold are exploited in the province and magnesium, asbestos and titanium are also extracted. The paper and pulp industries produce shipments that are more than $14 billion in value and the forestry products industry produces more than $10 billion in value. Agriculture and food products also play a significant role in the province’s economy.

Quebec is an important player in the aerospace, information, multimedia and software industries. About 60 percent of Canada’s aerospace production came from Quebec in 2009 and the province is a leading player in the high-tech fields. The information technology fields employ more than 150,000 people in Quebec. More than half of the information-based Canadian companies are located in Quebec and the multimedia industry is a major presence in the province.