What Was the Purpose of the Silk Road?

purpose-silk-road Credit: Matteo Colombo/Moment/Getty Images

The Silk Road served as a connecting platform and trade route between many different countries in Central Asia. Many different goods and cultures were traded and connected by the Silk Road.

While the Silk Road was used as trade route between countries in Central Asia, silk itself was only one of the many commodities that were exchanged. The road consisted of many different paths leading to different cities and countries, including China, India and Iran. Many smaller settlements were built along the roads to accommodate travelers and serve as havens for further trade and rest. It facilitated the exchange of many different languages, distinct goods and religion between Turkey and East Asia.

Buddhism was spread to China and other countries from India by way of the Silk Road's northern passages. India sent Buddhist missionaries back with Chinese representatives, allowing them to distribute translated scripture and teach their religion to many different countries. Many Buddhist grottos were built along Silk Road, which contained countless artifacts dedicated to the belief, and evidence of many cultures mixing together due to trade. These artifacts detailed that many traders of different social and economic standing traveled along the routes. The Silk Road was also commonly used by refugees fleeing from countries at war to reach safer destinations where they could settle in peace.