What Is the Purpose of an I-131 Application for Travel Document?


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Non-U.S. citizens have to fill out the I-131 travel document application before visiting another country, notes AllLaw. The I-131 form ensures that a non-U.S. citizen, such as a permanent resident, refugee, asylee or other alien, is able to re-enter the country without any problems after a trip abroad.

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The I-131 form grants a two-year Reentry Permit to permanent U.S. residents, notes AllLaw. Refugees and asylees who file the form can receive a Refugee Travel Document that is valid for one year, while other aliens are eligible to apply for Advance Parole for one year. This ensures that aliens do not have to get reentry permission every time they leave the United States.

Green card holders do not have to fill out the I-131 form if they are leaving the United States for a few weeks or months, notes AllLaw.com. However, a Reentry Permit is necessary for green card holders who are traveling outside the United States for more than one year. These Reentry Permits allow green card holders to travel for up to two years.

Aliens can travel outside the United States as soon as they fill out and submit the I-131 application, notes AllLaw. If necessary, a U.S. embassy, consulate or USCIS office abroad can receive the approved I-131 document.

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